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does your organization still rely on the human workforce for documents, scrutiny and comprehension, applicant robotic text automation leverages revolutionary ai to precisely automate text intensive work by interpreting meaning and streamlining decision making for all document types designed to bridge the legacy gaps of other solutions. By combining applicants are ta with robotic process automation. Your organization can now achieve unparalleled rates of straight through document processing. Africa are ta is the only automation solution that comprehends both plaintext forms and tables while supporting languages for north and south America, europe, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania. Intuitively built for typical business users, organizations no longer need to rely on expensive AI or engineering resources, applicant's unique two D contextual awareness technology mimics the way a human works with documents containing various layouts. Unlike legacy one dimensional language models are exclusive layout aware. Language models accurately comprehend plain text tables and forms, applicants are ta processes documents differently understanding both purely textual and graphical aspects before finalizing results. Therefore meaning is contextually extracted and each data point is given an interpretation in context. For instance, imagine an invoice accompanied by instructions or disclaimers or report with both tables and long paragraphs. These are all processed seamlessly, Applicant Cartier is unique in that it relies on textual and graphical meaning instead of key words or Grammar, resulting in faster more accurate decision making reducing workloads by 90% and error rates by 85%. The small percentage of documents that don't meet the confidence threshold are manually reviewed. An applicant Cartier self learns from these for future use. As a result, employees that are often overqualified for repetitive tasks can now be reassigned to higher value work, learn how to modernize your organization's document processing. By connecting with an applicant expert today transform your business with faster, more accurate decision making applicant robotic text automation, the most advanced platform available for high precision document comprehension.