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Welcome to the first of three tutorials for creating and sending Quickbooks invoices through voice overview. This tutorial will walk you through the steps of linking your existing Quickbooks account with voice overview If you haven't yet created and set up your Quickbooks account, you'll want to do that first before we move on to our second framing question. Let's take a bit of time to talk about this questioning format in your experience is I. R. E. A common questioning technique in classrooms or in your classroom? Are there other questioning techniques you can think of that might have more far reaching consequences on student understanding and or teacher knowledge? Pause the film now and when you return we'll continue for open source data prep we can load any data prep function written in our two thought spot and save the output which is the prep data as a worksheet or materialized view. Or we can work with third party data prep tools that integrate with our and then use our bulk upload a P. S. To load data into thought spot. If you'd like to share your results with others, go into the app settings and select blood glucose sms text, select share recorded Bgs via text and add recipients from your contact list. After that any time a new blood glucose value is received it will be automatically texted to those you've selected