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you're listening to newsworthy vegan your resource for information and updates of all things vegan every week. Day. That's all for this episode of News or the Vegan for more information and resource is based on today's topic, featured ahead over the newsworthy vegan dot com. This'll is the abundant in love podcast, helping you discover or reconnect intimacy and sexuality in your life and relationships. This isn't about sex or being sexy. It's about building connection and providing you with the insight needed to restore trust and love in yourself. You gotta believe you deserve it. Then you just gotta ask for it. Now, please welcome your host, Barbara Bar Tosh. That's all for this episode of the abundant in love podcast. Be sure to like it if you love it by subscribing to the show and engaging with us on social media at abundant in love Podcast on Facebook and instagram or visiting our website at abundant in love dot com, remember, you gotta believe you deserve it. Then you just gotta ask for it right here on the abundant in love podcast. Yep. Is the young entrepreneur project launching here in North America to help entrepreneurs grow a successful business, whether young and age, we're young at heart. By utilizing advanced social media training, business coaching and mentoring, you'll see significant growth and customer loyalty all while expanding your entrepreneurial spirit through amazing trips, lifestyle travel and creating a residual stream of income. Go to say yes to success dot com and schedule a 30 minute session to find out how. Yep, can help you live the life you want and have the business you deserve. Beyond. There's no guidebook. When it comes to relationships, we end up having to stumble through life, trying to figure things out for ourselves. What if there was a podcast that found the answers for you that provided insight to build a successful relationship and ultimately find companionship you always hoped for? Welcome to the girls, Ask guys show where we answer the questions most people were afraid to ask. When it comes to lessons in life and love, it's time to master this thing called Life together with your host John. And that's all for this episode of the girls. Ask Guys show where all of us learned to master this thing called Life Together for more answers to your questions on life and love. Be sure to subscribe to show so you don't use a single episode and head to girls. Ask guys show dot com to submit your questions for a future episode or apply to be a guest on the show. Good luck out there and we'll catch you next time right here on the girls ask guys show.