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Character Reel

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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Do you think you're mostly Enver? Sorry not to melt my ice water. You haven't even tasted an inkling of my power. Take this. Ben Rezian. Greetings, fellow traveler. I am on my way to the kingdom of Valeria. Do you know which path leads to the king's wrote. I'm going that to train to be a night like my father before me. Returning to normal space in 321 Scanning for habitable planets. None. Nada, nil zero Sea Captain told you we should have headed to the beach ball Nebula. But nobody listens to me. Please, rather tell them the truth. He knows nothing. Way. I told you, he's innocent. Get your filthy hats off. I promise. First. Oh, why do you keep chat around? Listen to me, Jason. Seriously likes you. All you have to do is talk to him. Want me to set it up? I summon the spirits of my ancestors. Please guide me with all your eternal wisdom between Prince William and Prince McHale, Who should be my next boyfriend. They're so cute. Oh, please don't. Please let me know. You look lost, little man. Late for bedtime. You're walking on my Ali and nobody walks through here without paying a fee. Boys, shake them up. All right,