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I actually wrote the script AND did the narration for this presentation.

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As we navigate the various stages of life, money remains important always. But it's also true that our priorities about money change as we get older, we move from earning and saving to spending and acquiring to eventually a priority on safeguarding our money shielding what we've accumulated from risk. If this is the stage where you find yourself concerned about protecting what you have, then this presentation is one you'll want to see because it tells the story of a remarkable financial company that has created a remarkable financial vehicle. It's called Aquila, a fixed index annuity, a vehicle for protected tax advantage, savings and much, much more. Why is Aquila remarkable because of three facts. First, Aquila protects your savings. There's no investment risk ever. Second, Aquilla offers multiple ways to earn interest on your savings. And third, Aquila will pay you a monthly income that you can't outlive. Here's a simple truth. A company and the financial vehicle it offers are inseparable. A good vehicle from a subpar company is no better than a subpar vehicle from a good company. But when both are excellent, when a multibillion dollar company which has delivered exceptional performance since the 19th century introduces a financial vehicle that is no less exceptional. Well, then you have that rare opportunity for something that is truly special and that is exactly what has happened with the introduction of Hala. It delivers what may be the most compelling value proposition ever offered in a financial vehicle, the potential for gain without the risk of loss. More than that the essential ingredient of a secure retirement, an income that lasts for life. Let's take a moment to look at this issue of income and understand why nothing is more important. Once you retire, I'm going to share three principles that you should always remember. The first principle is no retiree stops needing income. Whether you are 66 or 78 or 95 bills must be paid. So a monthly paycheck that you can count on to be there even if you live into your nineties or beyond. Well, that is what represents true income security. The second principle is in retirement, it's your income, not your savings that creates your standard of living. Your income is what pays your bills in retirement if your income drops. So does your quality of life. The third principle is this the income producing value of money changes all the time. You should assume that it will change when you are retired. Let's look at an example that shows how these three principles can merge together in someone's retirement to damage financial security. We'll have to take an imaginary trip back to the year 2000 to meet a retiree named Sue. Sue had been a good saver. She entered retirement with $500,000 but because she also craved safety Sue took her money to her local bank where she was advised to purchase six months C DS paying an interest rate of 6.97%. And she happily collected interest income of about $2900 per month. Now, let's fast forward this story. 14 years now, well into retirement, sue remained no less risk averse than when she first entered retirement. But something dramatic happened, the interest rate paid on her cds plummeted to just 0.28%. This drove her monthly income down to only $117. And if we bring this story forward another seven years to 2021 the interest rate had fallen even further to only 0.10% giving sue a monthly income of only $42. The point is this Sue's savings, her $500,000 never changed, but its income producing capacity changed a lot. This type of soul crushing loss of income was experienced by many retirees in the United States when interest rates collapsed to near zero. When this happens to a retiree. It's simply devastating. Remember, it's your income, not your savings that creates your standard of living. This is why financially nothing is more important to a retiree than income. So a smart decision for a retiree to make would be to somehow lock in the payment of income ideally at a competitive rate and ideally for life. And that is exactly what Aquila enables you to do. Here's an example. Imagine a retiree who is 66 will call her Nancy. Let's say Nancy places $500,000 in Aquila. The annuity would guarantee her an income factor of 4.6%. What does that actually mean? Well, you might think it means that Nancy would receive an income of $23,000 per year. $500,000 multiplied by 4.6% equals $23,000. But it's actually better than that. You see when you place money in Aquila, you are credited a bonus on the premium premium means your deposit insurance has its own vocabulary at age 66. The bonus is guaranteed to be 10%. So in calculating the income, the 4.6% income factor applies to $550,000 not $500,000. That means $25,300 of income or $2108 per month. For life with Aquila. You never have to worry about your income running out.