English-only e-learning voiceover for new hire training videos

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With more and more companies taking advantage of technology and work-at-home employees, the neccesity for e-learning orientation and instruction videos has never been more important. I've been very fortunate in this space having an understanding how voice and pacing leads to a polished product.

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you did it. You are now officially a member of the amazon family will celebrate in a bit, but for now we ask that you find somewhere comfortable to review this course on our employee code of conduct. It is important that you understand everything you're about to learn. So there will be a short review quiz after each module. This training will take about an hour to complete and can be paused and resumed at any time. Let's get started. Welcome to section three of the University of Louisville extension series, N. B. A. Prerequisite program. This section focuses on marketing completion of this section, will bring you one step closer to qualifying for the N. B. A. Program. In this section, you will learn marketing concepts involving psycho, graphics, demographics and changing consumer behavior. Congratulations on completing your orientation process as a Harley Davidsons sales floor representative. Now that you understand the responsibilities of your job, it's time to dive deeper into the details of our product offering. Even people who come to us with extensive motorcycle knowledge are often surprised by some of the details of what we offer. So please pay close attention to this training video. As a sara lee factory floor manager, it is your responsibility to make sure our operations run both efficiently and safely, productivity is important. But making sure your team goes home healthy everyday is even more important