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for hundreds of years, we've moved the world from the birth of the motorcar. GKN has been part of the automotive world producing systems for the world's most amazing vehicles and will keep innovating, improving performance and reducing our impact on the environment. You know, who puts ideas in motion? We do. It's a mission like no other finding cures, saving Children ST jude's Children's research hospital is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer, paying for travel, housing and care because all a family should worry about is helping their child live. The Tyson Discovery Center in Springdale. Arkansas is home to some of the most passionate people in the food business you'll ever meet. The center's 19 test kitchens allow our chefs and Kahlan ologists to bring new food from the chalkboard to grocery aisles and restaurant tables quickly. Quite simply we think it's the best place in the world to create new products, junk mail sucks and it seems like you get more and more of it every day. Come on, 14 emails for hair plugs. How did you get on that? That's why we created Unroll me. Our app makes it super easy to unsubscribe and clear out your inbox fast after all. Your hair looks amazing. Here's where it all began, where the valley welcomes everyone and the wine speaks our own language where innovation means getting one's hands dirty because the land gives nothing away. It takes care pash and sacrifice because growing together is a story worth living. The boundaries between work and home, have blurred today. Employees want more flexible personal and meaningful experiences. Microsoft viva helps build a new level of engagement in a secure, borderless environment, whether in the office remote or a mixture of both, viva empowers teams to be their best.