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English Commercial Demo

Voice Over • Television Ad


Sampling of commercial/ business work, including a sprinkling of character :)

Vocal Characteristics




Caribbean (Puerto Rican), North American


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
Okay girls. The race is on to be the first female to set foot on the moon. Wait a minute scrap the moon to be the first person to set foot on mars. So study hard and dream bigger. Free checking. Also free popcorn. Just two more reasons to be a member of nature's federal credit Union. Taking a census is as easy as making a manga Nala. You can take the census by mail by phone or online and everyone should take the census. Even if you're undocumented, turn your baby's bath into a lullaby. Nothing helps settle down. A fussy baby like a warm bath and johnson's bedtime bath. If you were any more satisfied, you blush dan enlightened fit, creamy. There's total satisfaction in every bite. You know what you want? Why compromise when you don't need a passport? When you can work from anywhere. Why work anywhere else? Work in full color work from Puerto rico. It's me again. The last living germ. Why am I here? I fear death because I saw every germ I know eliminated with a single list, so form disinfectant spray. I must have abandonment issues. I think we had a real breakthrough here today.