Character Demo Reel David Cherry

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Character Demo Reel for 2020.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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everywhere. I see signs of change. A ziff. The gods themselves have taken leave of our land. I shall carry out your will is always but hear me. Thes are dark omens on. They must be heated. Oh, no. Where did the prisoners go? Oh, man, Oh man, Oh, man! Oh man. Who was going to flay me alive when she gets back? Wait! Look. All I need is a little patch of land somewhere where I can breathe the air and live in peace. But I don't want to go there alone. I want you there with me. You. You are nothing against the darkness. It will slither up the cracks and into your souls. What's left will be a husk for me. Thio. Use. That's Lord scale to you. I didn't go through years of villainy and backstabbing for the Beyonce to drop the title. Now do it again And maybe about what you say it, but not too much. It's tacky. Hey, I could do subtle. See, this is me too. It's subtle. What you think