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This is an audio file analyzing the storytelling aspects of the Google Coda campaign.

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the power of story. It cannot be overstated. Story connects our intangible imagination to our tangible reality and makes us believe the two can switch places. Not only that when story is done properly, it adds words to worthless places. Story validates our feelings and gives our naked emotions something to wear. When working with corporations to form their narratives. They often want to highlight the newness of their products and services. They want to talk about the future when in reality the magic of story is found when your product or service gives meaning to the past, let's analyze this google commercial and see how this was done. As you watch. I want you to keep five story elements in mind element number one, mystery. Now, mystery is the greatest tool you have when shaping a story. Not mystery in the sense of scary but in the sense of seeking to understand in the google video. The person speaking starts off with what we call a statement question that is the speaker makes a statement that lands as a question. The sentence is I'm what's called a coda. Now, millions of people watching this said to themselves what is a coda and they continue to watch until they get the answer number two resonance. The establishment of childhood pictures makes us think of our own childhood. This tells the viewer this commercial has real meaning. Number three predicament the speaker mentions, I've always had one ft in the deaf world and one in the hearing world, which immediately allows us to think about the world's we've had to balance our entire lives. Number four the Circle of life the commercial shows parents getting older and leaving a legacy of love. This implies we are all getting older. What is our legacy? Number 5? The economy of expression. The commercial takes you on a journey through decades of family life in just one minute and 30 seconds. Let's watch. I'm what's called the Kodak. My parents were both born deaf. I was not. When people in the hearing world learn that about me, they always want to know more and they go out with your hand. I've always had one ft in the deaf world and one in the hearing world. I translated a lot from my parents. It made us closer now that it's been over a year since we've seen each other in person. Communication is more important than ever, especially with this guy. It's the first time being grandparents. So they don't want to miss a single moment and I don't either. We can't wait for you to meet him. And that's how you tell the story. Let's tell yours