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Voices for characters, animation and/or alternate 'roles'.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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uh, Hilo phone call. Operator. Thank you for calling phone com. How can I direct your call? Thank you. We could really use your help. Looking for clues? Open the file when you're ready to get started. Detective, Give me one good reason why I to trust you. You take that back, you lead beating sun off. He severed from a fatal cause of being killed. No mini gun. Gatling Laser ******, incinerator Missile launcher. Fat man. Orbital laser strike designator. Super slight. Ionic targeting Tora turbo plasma rifle. Okay. Don't give Miss Iraqi. Let's put these rocks back in their places. What do you know about marvels, old woman? I said I wanted chocolate. Strawberry. The whole system just makes me feel insignificant. Vanish. Total trip. Man. We had fun. We were happy, but it's over.