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This demo provides a range of narrative styles that include documentary, travel guide, and self-help examples. The tones include informative, wise, soothing, and inspiring.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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when Maya Angelou sat down to write her memoir, I know why the caged bird sings. She didn't think it would make her famous at that point. There had never been an african american woman on the bestseller list, but when her story hit bookstores with all its heartache, charm and well earned wisdom readers couldn't get enough. Where else in America? Can you climb a mountain that no one has ever climbed before or rest beneath the tree that has never covered a human head? Only in Alaska, our final frontier. From the frozen tundra of the arctic north to the wild, pacific coastline in the south, Alaska provides unlimited opportunities for adventure when decorating their home. Most people focus on their kitchen, dining room and living room. But what about the bedroom? This is where you spend most of your time by far. So why not make it as welcoming as possible tip number one choose a warm, subtle color, something that will look great in the morning sun for centuries. People around the world have been using crystals for a variety of reasons. Some crystals are used to promote the body's natural healing powers. Others are used to rid the body of toxic energy. The type of crystal you choose depends on your intended purpose. Let's take a look