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A few examples of narration for medical & pharmaceutical products and procedures.

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**** Terhune at the end of the esophageal to me, the cell span implant seated with stem cells is then implanted to reconstruct the patient's own esophagus. Pre clinical testing has demonstrated that the bio brace induces a rapid cellular infiltration, leading to the regeneration of new thicker tendon tissue And a surgical repair that is as strong as native Tendon by 12 weeks As a targeted therapy. Solaris is thought to reduce terminal complement activity at the N. M. J. By specifically binding to C. Five only preservation. Hey reds two contains the exact nutrient formula recommended by the National Eye Institute to help reduce the risk of moderate to advanced AMG progression. Using life saving treatments to turn cancer patients into survivors, investing in the most elite talent and technology and working with the world renowned Mayo clinic all to make health care better for you.