Irish demo mix - DRY samples

Video Narration


Includes snippets from jobs I've recorded with various clients. All samples were recorded in my home studio.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


Irish (Eastern- Leinster, Dublin) Irish (General)


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the land and Sea of Ireland make us who we are. Irish farmers and fishers produce safe, nutritious and tasty food. They follow in the footsteps of their ancestors and strive to ensure that their life's work and traditions can be passed down sustainably to future generations. In order to create a culture of diversity and inclusion for our colleagues, where we can feel comfortable bringing our true self to work Team Woody's are requesting you to provide us with some personal information to provide us with insights to support this. At Blanco, we've always believed that making life better for animals makes life better. This is what drives us to do more every day more for the amazing animals that make essential contributions to our world and more for the people who tend to the animals in their care. We all agree that what is illegal offline should also be illegal online. Yet the online world is awash with illegality because bad actors can operate in the shadows with impunity, putting consumers at risk disadvantaging legitimate businesses and undermining the integrity and competitiveness of the EU. Single market fraud committed by persons of concern is an issue that can be prevented and there is a policy in place to make sure that you are empowered to not unknowingly become involved in it. To us, ensuring the welfare of animals is simply the right thing to do right, for healthy, well cared, for animals, right for successful farms and right for the sustainability of agriculture.