The Day I Met My Shadow

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The recording was featured on a radio broadcast for which I was asked to contribute a short story relating to clouds. The story eloquently details my falling through a cloud during a scheduled skydive by the sea.

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the day I met my shadow one fine day, many moons ago, I saw my shadow loitering on the back of a cloud. I watched it become smaller and smaller until that silhouette became precisely me sized are not expected to see this dark version of myself projected onto a moving mass of water molecules, suspended mid air and to be racing towards them at some 10 metres a second. Yet despite everything rushing around me, my shadow in the clouds seemed quite content. They felt still composed, although it had just enough time to comprehend that it was me I was hurtling towards. By the time I actually met myself, I hadn't really considered what this collision might feel like. For a second. The thought of connecting with another body at that velocity scared me, having never really been in a cloud before. I thought it might hurt. And then, like a starfish with limbs outstretched, Um, just like that, my shadow and I became one. My dark self was no longer to be seen, and I I was in the cloud. No, even though a cloud is not a thing that you can grab, poof or squeeze it is still very much something you can feel. I vividly remember that cool vapour enveloping me as they were dived into a bottomless pool of steam. I also remember a shift in luminosity, the blue sky totally replaced by a soft grey gone with the end size cars crawling along the line and gum with a tiny houses and fields below. Other than the clouds in it, there was nothing around me I could see. But more than that, there's one thing I shall never forget. And that's how quiet it wass it is quiet within the clouds. Then, without, for a brief moment, time froze. The sensation of gliding through the clouds patiently imprinted itself on a memory so indelibly that when I put my mind to it, my body can feel the clouds around me. I can sense the weightlessness, fuel the droplets, env elop my skin. I can see the grace white lining and I can hear nothing. I've bean again, quite literally looking forward to meeting my shadow for at the time, as long as I could remember, and then our instant meeting, followed by the swallowing of me by the clouds. And then that was it. I was no longer above the clouds. No, In one, the clouds are back above. And I was just me again except my shadow was in me And we were in the cloud shadow as the cloud had eaten us up and spat us out. Gravity direct us down. Slowly but surely, my ingested shadow and I drifted to the ground under the watchful eye of the cloud that it har Pittis. While in reality we remained much the same size to it. It became smaller and smaller until, with our feet on the ground parted ways forever again with no, quite because one or physical traces of the experience have evaporated, I believe that there is a part of those clouds still in me on a part of me that's still in the clouds.