Videogame Character Demo Reel American English



My videogame demo reel features several characters, from the brave heroine, to the bratty older sister. To a daydreaming bookworm and a fed up witch or a quirky robot companion and a bold paranormal detective.

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push me down all you want. But I'll come back even stronger. You thought I was done fighting years ago. But here I am tougher than ever now arm yourselves. I won't go easy on you reconstructing this massive docking station is a piece of cake. All I need need is a few parts and I'll get this have been running with maximum power. We'll be off this planet in no time space. Get it to be like the goddesses in this tale. I can only imagine the beauty they see the romancing encounter. Maybe one day someone will write tales about me. The E. M. F. Detector is going absolutely haywire. This may be our only chance to communicate with the spirits. Here. Let's hope one of them have information on the murderer's whereabouts you to stay in their else. I'm calling mom. Stop interrupting my party with your stupid little boy pranks. Do it again. And my friends here will give you a makeover. I am not breaking that seal. Listen, bud, I may be a witch, but that power is far too dark and morbid to release. That's coming from me and I bathed in blood this morning.