Video game - Dante - Devil May Cry - Drew Coombs



Trailer Video Game Videogame Conversational Believable Warrior Soldier Scifi Science Fiction Confident Gen X Authoritative Deep Knowledgeable Wise Action Star Hero, Action Star, Fighter Pilot, Hero, Villain, Warrior, Articulate, Authoritative, Bold, Educational, Engaging, Informative, Knowledgeable, Professorial, Sophisticated, Tough,Badass, Bryan Kopta, Videogame, Friendly, Conversational, Believable, Professional, Confident, Informative, Authoritative, Animated, Upbeat, Everyman, Narrator, Prospector, Storyteller, Aloof, Amusing, Attitude, Authoritative, Blue Collar, Brave, Cartoon, Commanding, Edgy, Grizzled, Badass.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US Midwest- Chicago, Great Lakes)


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So you must be the handyman who take any dirty job. Almost. I only take special jobs if you know what I'm. You're the man who lost a mother and a brother to evil 20 years ago. The son of the legendary Dark Knight Sparta, Mr Dante. Or the way I figure it in this business a lot of. And if I kill each one that comes eventually, I should hit the jackpot sooner. Time to go to work. Even as a child, I had powers. There's demonic blood. Me? You were the 1st 1 to know about my inventions. Looks like I'm getting close. I don't know. Why did you save my life? Because you look like my mother. Get out of my sight. The next time I need it would be like this. Don't Don't come any closer, you devil. You may look like my mother, but you know we're close to her. You have no soul. You have the face. But you'll never have her fire. My mother risked her life for me and now you to I should have saved. I just want to fill your dark soul with