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antimicrobial susceptibility testing can be used for drug discovery, epidemiology and prediction of therapeutic outcome. In this review, we focused on the use of anti microbial testing methods for the in vitro investigation of extracts and pure drugs as potential anti microbial agents. After the revolution in the golden era, when almost all groups of important antibiotics tetracyclines, cephalosporins, amino, click, a science and mackerel IEDs were discovered and the main problems of chemotherapy were solved in the 19 sixties, the history repeats itself nowadays and these exciting compounds are in danger of losing their efficacy because of the increase in microbial resistance. The Food and Drug Administration FDA Criterion for Sally Ability Classifications of a drug in B. C. S is based on the highest dose strength in an immediate release. IR Orel product. A drug is considered highly soluble when the highest strength is soluble in 250 middle leaders this'll volume is derived from typical bio equivalent study protocols or less of acquiesced media over the pH range of 1.0 to 7.5 Allah Clifton a g lt active ingredient of Allah Clifton benzoate a G lt BZ is a new die pep title Pep Today's four DPP four inhibitors for the treatment of type two diabetes. This study aimed to build a suitable method to determine the potential related substances in a G lt BZ bulk drug and tablets seven related substances in Allah Clifton benzoate substances were synthesized and identified by one H and M R and D s I. M. S.