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You see, it's all about getting back to nature, looking around at the trees and the sky in the water and knowing the deep down it Zapata Who you are, Scooby Doo. Where are you? Like, zoinks. I'm scared right out of my skill in a fly through the air with the greatest of these, the dashing young man on the flying copies. I am what I am, Daphne. I can't believe you would embarrass me like that in front of Papa. I was positively mortified. Rejoin our heroine on a dark and stormy evening, much like the one you've just witnessed as she take shelter in a learning castle. All but unoccupied. Except for one devious resident would a serendipity. Dude, Uh, the captain is not going to be happy about this. Not going to be happy about this one bit. Wow. Dude, you didn't miss a single shot. You're playing the game of her life out there. Stay on like this, and you're gonna make collegiate for sure. You see, to me, it's all about realizing that love is a game of chance. And if I could I'd be putting my money on Blake. It's locker roulette wheel life is nine times out of 10. You put your money on Blick Your surrender your property, Bobby, you really build it precisely after my design. Yeah, I return. I will get your there's turn toe. Let me tell you 11 more thing just before limited because I think that is very important for you to know that right now you you look fat.