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Suprelle makes luxury sustainable bedding, so they wanted a relaxed informative read.

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several fluff is made by advance of the leading European fiber manufacturer that has been producing fiber Phil for over 50 years. Advance A is known for putting sopra fibers to the test and proving their performance in wash, ability, durability, innovation and sustainability. We're excited to share a few products with you today from two collections found in our celebrated sustainable Siri's. The PSA Prell Blue Siris of fluff is made from social plastic flakes provided by the plastic bank, which prevents ocean plastic pollution and reduces poverty by empowering communities in underprivileged areas to collect bottles in exchange for money, goods or services. Several blue protect is a premium fiber fluff with an innovative cross section that provides consistent support and durable antimicrobial properties that protect against common fungi and bacteria. Separable blue protect has been tested and proven till last for more than 10. Home lawn brings because we value both quality of sleep and safety. We've insured are non leaching safe chemistry has been okay. Tex M. EPA approved for over 20 years. Next, Issa Prell Blue Breathe this'll. Innovative fluff features high performance moisture wicking properties, allowing it to breathe better and dry faster in a recent independent lab test. Our fluff proved 13% more breathable than standard polyester. See the difference for yourself as so Prell Blue breathes, absorbs moisture. It pulls that moisture away from the sleeper. So proud. Blue Breathe is also ultra washable, with high efficiency, low temperature washing and drying speeds twice as fast, giving you energy savings up to 70%. Finally, our newest product launch is suppress zero utilizing the same innovative fiber structure that contributes toe long lasting support in pillows and superior insulation and comforters. This fluff is made with zero carbon emissions and zero harmful substances. 60% of global consumers want to know if their clothing and home textiles are certified to be responsibly produced and safe from harmful substances and cosmetics. Our technology that cares production process saves up to 80% of carbon emissions toe offset the remaining emissions. We purchase carbon credits and contribute to ecological programs. In partnership with the carbon neutral company. Thes credits are invested in projects such as deforestation in the Borneo rainforest, cooking stoves in Mexico and wind power in India. So prowls zero fiber has been tested by independent laboratories with a minimum of ingredients. Zero bias side zero endocrine disruptors, zero optical bright ners, zero carbon emissions and zero ingredients of animal origin. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our latest innovations. Please visit several dot com to learn more and stay updated on our latest videos and marketing materials. Yeah.