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seven out of 10 patients who visit dermatologists described themselves as having sensitive skin. Recommending an appropriate cleanser for these patients, one that satisfies both clinical and aesthetic needs can be challenging. Current gentle cleansing products attempt to minimize impact on the skin barrier by reducing the concentration of Fremont Americ surfactant. However, these formulations maybe in effective at removing impurities and makeup and can leave a heavy residue even after rinsing general purpose. Facial cleansers can be more effective at removing debris and makeup because they contain higher concentrations of Fremont Americ surfactant. Although some monomers coalesced together to form my cells, many remain freely suspended in the cleanser vehicle. These free monomers can penetrate the stratum corny um, and disrupt its lipid matrix, leading to excessive water loss, flaking and even inflammation. Now Neutrogena announces an innovative advancement in cleansing technology, truly gentle cleansing without compromise. This new technology is called hydrophobic Lee Modified Polymer, or HMP. HMP consists of long polymer chains that contain multiple hydrophobic groups In Neutrogena Cleanser with HMP technology, HMP is combined with surfactant, the hydrophobic tails of surfactant. My cells are strongly attracted to the hydrophobic groups on the polymer chains when my cells attached to the polymer. They become stabilized and released. Fewer surfactant monomers Locally. This reduces the Monem Eric surfactant concentration, and fewer monomers penetrate into the stratum. Corny, um, As a result, there is far less lipid matrix disruption, thus reducing skin irritation with neutral Gina's HMP Cleanser technology. A sufficient number of free surfactant monomers remain, resulting in lather, formacion and exceptional removal of impurities and makeup. This unique combination of hydrophobic Lee modified polymers and surfactants results in extremely gentle cleansing that rinses clean, leaving no residue in a controlled clinical study. Comparing the Neutrogena cleanser with HMP Technology Toe, a leading sensitive skin cleanser, patients reported significant differences in key hallmarks of sensitive skin. Exceptional tolerable ity. Improvements in skin condition, superior hygiene and residue free rinsing. For the first time, you can recommend a facial cleanser that delivers on the promise of gentleness without compromising on the cleansing and pleasing aesthetics that your patients prefer.