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When you think about truly experiencing Canada, what comes to mind? Forests as far as the eye can see. Tons of lakes, wildlife, limitless adventure In the great outdoors, we're not normally ones to break, but in this case we will were the Haliburton Highlands in central Ontario, and we're about as Canadian is you can get were over 4000 square kilometers of naturally forested fund, more than 500 lakes to play in or on. There's pretty much, nothing truly Canadian you can do here. Let's see you contract through our forests on foot skis, snowshoes or bikes. We have more hiking trails here than a fever has building Plant. You can even hike through our forests 50 feet above the ground. If that's more your thing. Our lakes swimming, fish them, paddle them, or in winter you can ski on them or snowmobile or ice fish or escape. Frozen or not, this is a water sports paradise and wildlife. Do we have wildlife? Move, steer loons, bears, beavers. There's even a place to get up close and personal with a real live pack of wolves, but less do you think that's all we do here in the Halliburton Highland? Well, no. We have music festivals, film festivals, farmers markets, art fairs. You can even learn the long lost art of blacksmithing. If that's what Stokes your fire. We host world class events this winter. You can take in a massive international sled dog competition, your dogs barking 20 languages. We also have leading edge facilities all over the county. Ends up If you had the first ever covered ski lift in Canada. Not so fast. Whistler wear so authentically Canadian, our tears or 95% maple syrup. And speaking of maple syrup, we do that, too. So make up your great Canadian adventure checklist and prepare to knock them off one by one here in the natural paradise known as the Haliburton Highlands, authentically Canadian and beyond.