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with his disc surgery, complete dr James will watch Micah closely overnight in intensive care After 24 hours, Micah has made good progress and is ready to go home. His neurological responses with his back legs are back to normal, which he didn't have when I first examined him. Dr. James meets his owner in exam four to give her the good news. Miles from civilization. Josh and his team are deep in the treacherous jungle of northern Colombia in search of traces of El Dorado. The lost city of gold. The recent rain has made the river nearly impassable, but they have no choice but to try to cross the rushing water. The head to head competition is over. Chef burger aced the presentation and flavors in round one. But now she's hoping her signature short ribs are in Enough to take down the master in round two. That's right. Here we have let the lion out of the case and the decision is now in the mouths of the judges. After a lifetime of struggle, Janet Baxter was on the brink of getting everything she'd ever wanted. But on june 14th 2017 she missed an important work meeting and is never heard from again. I did not see anything like this coming. Just when police are close to solving the mystery. A gruesome discovery changes everything. Alabama's gulf coast has been the Carson family's vacation destination for you When it was time to get a place of their own. They knew exactly where they wanted to look. We're looking for a beach house on Dolphin island Alabama in the price range of about 215,000. While Sandpiper is the smallest house, it's big in other ways by being right on the water, having a boat, dock and pool, and comes in $80,000 under budget.