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106.9 Sizzle Reel - Relaxed, Humorous, Aloof, Confident

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Station IDs for a streaming radio station. Sounds like: Chill, Relaxed, Sardonic, Playful, Funny, Smooth, Velvety, Low Pitched, Conversational, Wacky, Absurd

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American, US African American, US General American (GenAm), US Midwest (Chicago, Great Lakes)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
you're listening to 1069 click FM. Live in color 1069 Klik FM. Who needs satellites when you've got a series of tubes. This is 1069 klik FM. Wait, how'd you get here if you didn't know this is 1069 Klik FM. Just in case you're lost. In which case? Me too buddy. Me too. 1069 click F. M. Because it's the internet and no one gets to tell us what frequencies we can and can't use 1069 click F. M. Not trying to sell you N. F. T. S. Since 2021 radio is dead long. Live 1069 Klik FM. That song you love? It's a sample of one recorded 20 years ago. Find out which 11069 Klik FM. Because not enough people know what the Amen break is. 1069 Klik FM. 1069 click F. M. A treat for all your senses. Yeah. Even that one. We've got our head in the clouds along with all your data. 1069 Klik FM. No, we won't play Freebird. 1069 Klik. FM. It's like a drinking game for your ears. But you know, without the hangover or the shame. Okay, it's nothing like a drinking game but alcohol is good and so is 1069 Klik FM. 1069 Klik FM. It's gluten free but non vegan as we slowly march towards the inevitable heat death of the universe. Let us provide the soundtrack. 1069 Klik FM. You're listening to 1069 Klik FM. Unless of course you're not 1069 Klik FM. The only station guaranteed to be the radio station you're listening to right now. You're listening to 1069 Klik FM. Unless you have synesthesia, in which case you're probably tasting 1069 click F. M. We don't have a cinematic universe. So there's no need to catch up. 1069 Klik FM. You're listening to 1069 Klik FM. And so are the millions of microorganisms living in your eyebrows. 1069 Klik FM. Morning. Do not back up severe tire damage, music. You love music. You just found out you like music you have a complicated relationship with and it's kind of awkward to see it on social media. 1069 Klik FM.