Ellis Middleton Character Demo

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (South West - Texas) North American (US West Coast - California, Portland)


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Alright, so when you hit this next door, I'm gonna need you to insert the card in your left pocket, Inside is a microchip that will let you in. Yes, I know advanced technology, blah blah blah. I made it so I don't need some agent to tell me if I'm good or not, just do your job. Come on Haley. We gotta cross that bridge. If we want to reach the big dinner party with all our friends, we just have to have a smile on our faces and push together. What do you say? Okay, you got this. Yeah, we don't talk much, but I noticed you didn't have a date to the fall formal, so maybe if it's not a bother to you, I'd like to ask you if you wouldn't mind if you feel so inclined to go with me. Hey, you get away from those people. Why? Well I am the banana man. Behold my potassium based power. Come on. It's not lame. My name is cool. Yo you made it here. I was thinking you were in the show, Hey, have a drink on me. Yes, I know they're free. But it's more than a message by saying that I always take things so literally hey, let's give it up for this guy.