Animation & Video Game Demo Reel



A few samples of video game and cartoon voices I've done for clients.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Teen (13-17)


North American (General)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
Oh, let me come with you. There's nothing to do here. Everything's boring. The TV's boring. The Internet's boring. My leg visitors a spiral of boring. Can I come with you? Please? Please. Please. Hi, honey. I'm stuck in traffic. Can you stay with Nana till I get there? You did this yesterday, Mom. I'm supposed to be at work in 10 minutes. Sorry, I needed to get food. Please, just wait till I'm home. Nana needs someone with her. Oh, hurry up. I squeaks by now by now by now for a limited time only supplies initiating test run. 34 Omega. All readings nominal readings starting to deviate from projections. Tracking what? He's gone completely off the grid. Keep moving. I'm putting this together as best as they can. That's it. I'm shutting this down now. These robots are fighting. They're just like the construction joins in the areas colony that have gone haywire whole. Right. I can't believe I actually got it.