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This is an audio recording of me reading the Forward for the book “Why should white guys have all the fun?”

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the book. Why should White Guys Have All the fun? The Forward written by Richard D. Parsons and it reads. Several years ago, on the eve of Barack Obama's inauguration as the 44th president of the United States, I wrote a piece for the USA Today entitled The Last First. The substance of that essay was that for the better part of the 20th century, Americans have been marking the advancements of African Americans by calling out a series of individual first. For example, Jack Johnson is renowned as the first black heavyweight champion of the world, Jackie Robinson as the black to break into baseball's major leagues. Thurgood Marshall as the first black member of the U. S Supreme Court and so forth with the election of Barack Obama to the highest office in the land. It was my thought that perhaps we'd reached the end of the line and attainment of the ultimate prize, the last first upon re reading. Why should white guys have all the fun? I realized that I left one tyrant figure out of my listing of significant first original affluence, a true business pioneer and the first black man to create and run a multibillion dollar business empire. The re release of this important book affords me the opportunity to correct that oversight. Why should white guys have all the fun? Chronicles Reggie Lewis Rise from the streets of then segregated East Baltimore to the pinnacles of American business enterprise. From public high school to Virginia State University to Harvard Law School from the blue chip law firm Paul Weiss, Rifkind won't Morton and Garrison to fund his own Wall Street law firm from the acquisition of the McCall Partner Company to the $1,000,000,000 leverage buyout of Beatrice International. This book takes us not just through the stops Reginald Lewis made along the way to fame and fortune. It also shows us how Louis leverage each step toe a bigger and better end. Utilizing Lewis's own words and reflections of dozens of others who knew and worked with him. Blair Walker has done a masterful job of giving us a rich account of Reginald Remarkable Man achieve such remarkable things. I concluded my essay about Barack Obama's election with these words. The summit has been reached. One of us had made it to the very top showing it could be done the focus now must turn to bring in the rest of the climbers along. For those of you climbing the ladder of success in the world of business and commerce, why should white guys have all the fun? Tells you how one man got it done and give this valuable insights and how you might also Richard D. Parsons, advisor, Providence Equity Group, former chairman of the board Citigroup.