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Middle Aged (35-54)


British (England - Cockney, Estuary, East End) British (England - Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire) Romanian


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My loyal knights and valiant warriors of Avalon. Today we stand on the precipice of destiny. The city of Camelot, a sacred home has fallen into the grip of darkness. The forces of the darkness have desecrated our land, spreading fear and despair amongst our people, but fear not for the time has come to reclaim what is rightfully ours. We gather here united by a common purpose bound by honor and duty. We are the last bastion of hope in this realm. The beacon of light against the encroaching shadows. The spirit of our ancestors flows through our veins and their courage echoes in our hearts. We are the descendants of legends and today we shall prove ourselves worthy of their legacy. Look around you, my brave companions see the destruction brought upon our once glorious city. But let it not fill you with despair. Let it fuel the fire within you for we shall rise from these ashes and rebuild Camelot with our own hands. The guest of honor. Welcome, welcome. May I introduce you to my associates? We got them off man, Brian. We, I'm sure you could take a stay with who I am though. Yes. Oh, sorry about the head sometimes yet he gets carried away when it's his turn to bring a guest. Funny. But I was playing when I got the call, she was so calm and matter of fact, just like she always was aggressive. Stage four, they said almost no symptoms so very hard to spot, unlikely to make it to Christmas. They said, hope you're ready to give a makeover to a true scholar. Writing my phd was to breed. So who knows what's next for me? Let's just say the Nobel Prize would look pretty good on my mantel piece. What do I want you to do with my hair? Well, it's not my field of knowledge, but I've seen this book of Julia Heger where he looks extremely distinguished. I think I got your perfect nose for that hair cat. I beg your pardon, Doctor Old Care. I have a great favor to ask of you. Doctor Old Care's expression does not inspire hope his mouth tightens and his gaze falls. Yes, Mr Montgomery, you are aware, sir, that I only need one more session to complete my course, sir. You've told me it is very important to me, sir. Naturally the fees, doctor care. Well, they'd amount to about £60. I'm afraid my duties call me elsewhere. Mr Montgomery, looky here, Montgomery looks up to find a stocky young miner Barton standing at the entrance. Barton wears tweed Sunday clothes and an aggressive neck tie. He exudes an air of menace with dark insolent eyes and a strong jaw looky. Here he said again, Montgomery accustomed to the blunt frankness of northern workers remains cold and composed. What name Barton happen? I may give the cause to mind that name, young man, make up wife's medicine this very moment. Look, or it will be the worst for thee. Smiles, relieved by the opportunity to release his pent up frustrations. The provocation is so gross and unprovoked that he feels no hesitation. He finishes sealing a bottle, addresses it and places it carefully in the rack. Look here, your medicine will be made up in its turn and sent down to you. I don't allow folk in the surgery wait outside in the waiting room if you wish to wait at all. Young man said the miner thou'st got to make it wife's medicine here and now and quick while I wait and watch the what else happened? Thou might need some medicine thyself before all is over.