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Australian , British (General) , North American (General)


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little wolf and model wolf. Mother Wolf was a magnificent animal. She had all the traits of a terrific hunter. She was very strong and fast. She knew half to hide, half to seize prey. Mother Wolf was the forest supreme creature. Her skills were evident to all the other animals. Mother Wolves lived in a den beneath a tree with her cup. Little wolf at down. Little wolf and model full for eating breakfast. Little wolves looked sad, marty wolf said, What's wrong, my cob? Little wolf said, I want to be big like you. You can run and live better than anyone. You can hold so loudly. Being B is a necessity, and I'm so small! Mother Wolf said. Don't be dissatisfied with your size. Being small, can be very helpful sometimes. Just then rain and hail began to fall. The tree was hit by lightning, it fell on the wolves den. Little wolf was captured the wolves nude, escaping the den was vital marvel! Said little Wolf. I cannot move the heavy pile of branches, but you can escape with these. You can get out and find help! Little wolf crawled out of them and called all the large animals for help the event to the den, and pulled away the branches. Mother Wolf came out and said, Thank you, little wolf. You saved my life! She softly squeezed little wolf and kissed her. Little wolf smiled, she said, Mother, this outcome has taught me a profound lesson, even though I'm small, I'm still important