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This is an amazing chance to get the best voice you can imagine. We can do some pretty incredible hilarious accents. From great British cockney to English Aristocrat elegance. I also give you some nice foreign immigrant English, be it Chinese, Indian, African Jamaican.
To try me is to love me!!!!!!

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (General) Irish (General)


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Hi. Hello. I'm testing my voice. Will you please? Will you please give me a chance to tell you about my beautiful voice over? Okay, this is Rupert. Is Indian, okay? No. Now, if you close your eyes and picture May right? I'm Bob. In fact, who's Bob? Mate? I'm Bob. All right. I'm an Englishman. Yeah, You can go back to your country. You did not belong here. But, Bob, you're telling me I come from where I love you bury people. I mean, you people come for us. Are you given so much of our new man? You make us give us British English Lee. No, no, no. We give you it, fella. You. What are you talk to? May. You didn't give me nothing are coming. I talk it for me. Do you understand? My day? No. Nothing. We owned you. That's Bob. And repelled. No, I would give you two more English characters. One from Jamaica and one from we say Africa. You guys, they're both black, but colonised body English. You surely they could both speak English. I'll be a different accents situation. They are both debating over colonisation. How about making interesting? Shall we All right, let's go. Uh, the white people, the right people, they come and they take everything from us. Your brother. You can't talk about White Month because you are become people of Allah. Reza's is a way to deal with it. You're asleep. You're bomb. You're lazy. Yeah, You people, You're lazy, you know. Get up. You don't got They get the money. We're dealing with the white man. Come on, take me on. Well, then why will take me as well? But look at me. Me to 100 metres sprint. We do regular. We do music, media, everything. Because you know you know a novel. A complete well, I mean, you know, complain me. Don't you want the brother? You didn't win it? Yes. And you didn't win a problem? My Buddha. How can you talk like that? They go on and take off one by one. Like we're chicken there. Come and grab me, buddy. Nick, They put me on a boat. Are they stand? They sell me like commodities. Like I'm only on a potato on but dead on Ali's different change