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This demo showcases a wide variety of commercial type work including radio/TV ads, web videos, and sound bites for your business.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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being a first time parent was more challenging than I imagined. I just didn't count on how little sleep I would get. Then I discovered all night cribs you can see on her little face. How comfortable my Bethany, the world only sport utility hairdryer. Who are they kidding thing my work while and look nice. But it's also more expensive than my car payment. What a reliable dryer that won't break the bank. Somebody you know or love may be suffering from depression. Knowing how to recognize the warning signs. Conceive someone's life for an informational booklet on the emotional signals of depression. Call the U. S. Psychiatric info. These days, everyone is health conscious, but when you eat out, it's hard to tell which foods on the menu are really healthy. Wouldn't it be fabulous if you could order good food without having to worry? Now you can. At the Wellness Cafe, you have one new message. Hey girl, you won't believe what happened today. Call me. Okay. Have friends elected gossip. You need a good voice mail system. A spot in the sun above Yana. What more could a kid he asked for? What, A weekend at the feeling social, electric blue neon pink Gothic Read. If you want to let up the club with a whole new look, get beyond graphic hair colors. Mix the high intensity pigments to create your own color. Your own style. Hi, I'm Francesca Bianco. Thank you for listening.