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This industrial, business to business, or training video demo, features a wide range of read styles. From endearing/quirky/charming/likable, to straightforward, to sympathetic, to cheery and inspiring, and everything in between - if you need a unique male voice to tell your story - I've got you covered.

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hi there. On behalf of all your new co workers at Delta Airlines, allow me to say Congratulations and welcome at Delta. We believe it's quality employees like you who keep us the number one airline in the world. Now, during the next few minutes, I'll be giving you some important basic. When you outfit your customers vehicles with genuine Bridgestone tires, you're aligning yourself with a well respected legacy for performance and quality. And a brand name that's recognized around the globe is a premium in the tire market. Now you may not know this, but Bridgestone at Chipotle, all our food is certified free of hormones, pesticides or other chemical additives, so our customers know that they're getting the very best are hand in hand. Partnership with America's most trusted organic farmers allows us to deliver food that's fresh, healthy Financial institutions work with numbers at Prudential Investments. We believe that seeing and treating our clients is more than just a number makes the difference that sets us apart from the competition year after year way. Don't just look at finances. Fizer was founded in 18 49. My cousins Charles Pfizer and Charles F. Erhard, who established their company with the motto Leading innovation. Leading quality. Leading compassion and all else will follow. Understand that as a state farm customer service representative, you'll often be speaking with customers who are going through a very tough time. They're looking to you to help make it. Better is only you can at State Farm. We pride ourselves on our compassion.