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This narration demo for television, film, etc., features a wide range of read styles. From endearing/quirky/charming/likable, to straightforward, to dark and mysterious, to children's show tone, and everything in between - if you need a unique male voice to tell your story - I've got you covered.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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the girls that hung by the bike racks weren't really are babes. Like we said. In fact, if any one of them and ever even talk to us, probably have just run away crying way risked life and limb hanging around those older kids just so we could stare at Susan Jenkins. And that's precisely what happened. Killer inadvertently left clues while cleaning up the bottoms of his shoes were clean, but he created a shoe impression in the blood on the floor underneath the sheet. When we last checked in, Team Zodiac seemed well on their way to clinching the title of Pink Masters Master shop. But things seem to have taken well. A strange turn today was Bowling day, and Tom wanted to bowl a super high score. So the Children were having a practice game before the tournament to get better at knocking down pins. These aren't really baboons, though They do have a lot in common with their close cousins. They're gelato has a unique family of ground dwelling primates that are only found here in the Ethiopian highlands. It's no secret that sometimes brothers don't see eye to eye on the property. Brothers air no exception, Drew and Jonathan have been duking it out for days over the Willow House. With only a couple of hours left before their meeting with Mike and Brenda. They better reach an agreement quickly. The automobile was a relatively new invention. By mounting a machine gun to an automobile, Patton created an entirely new weapon for the battlefield.