Soren's 2019 Demo Reel

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This has selections from the first 10 episodes of Soaring Stories, which can be found at (Website hidden)

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anyway, let's get started. Do you think I have nothing to do? Only watch your maids for you. You can go somewhere else and look for information. The thieves nearly tumbled over each other as they fled the roof in, raced back to the chief. He knew there were two. Alas, said the servant. We heard him say that studio. It can't be so. The night after that he sent three of the thieves and the next night, four and then five and then six. So it went on till the 40th night. To whom does this beautiful tree belong? She who gives me a branch of it shall have whatever she wishes. Then little one eye and little three eyes answered that the tree was theirs. Shall I not cry? Answered she the goat, who every day when I said your little first laid the table so beautifully has been killed by my mother. Now we must suffer hunger and thirst again. Then the wise woman said, a little too wise, I will keep you some good advice. Bag your sisters to give you the heart of the murdered goat and bury it in the ground before the house store and it will turn out lucky for you. Then she disappeared. Thank you for listening. This has been soaring Gillaspie presenting selections from the 1st 10 episodes of soaring stories.