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all data must be protected but beyond protection you need to be aware of what's happening with your data. From a privacy and cybersecurity perspective, pioneering and transparency and advancing in data protection and privacy. Kaspersky has multiple transparency centers, including our latest in new Brunswick Canada along with third party auditors in several locations globally. This is first class auto dealership, serving credit challenged customers. First class auto recently started offering lojack go a connected car solution exclusively for customers of gold star dealers meet Zoe. Zoe is a professional interior designer and fashionista on her calendar, a fabulous dinner party After checking in with her favorite influencers on social media, Zoe searches instagram for party wear inspiration. A cocktail dress from top fashion catches our eye. Zoe adds it to her wish list and does is off the next day. The top fashion Ai engine suggests items to go with the dress and send Zoe a discount coupon. Power quality issues such as voltage surges, sags and transients, power interruptions, brownouts, frequency variations, harmonic distortion and electrical noise can affect operational efficiency by disrupting production, damaging equipment or corrupting valuable data. So how do we modernize and implement these six work streams daily. We've enlisted help to protect design and drive our future success. Meet the modernizers Empower improves our people's lives with seamless HR processes supported by standardized world class technologies