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This is my best work in audiobooks put together in one reel. Edited and mixed by myself.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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What's the matter? ST Nicholas asked. Saint Nicholas. Harem said. We aren't important enough for such a big occasion. Last year, the Arcangel made heaven sparkle with gold and silver. She was attractive. There was no doubt about that. Her dark hair was pulled tightly up in a bun, and Stephen wondered what she would do if he reached out and raped his hands through it, pulling out all the pins. He wanted to know how long her hair was. Would it sweep past her shoulders, swing down to the small of her back brush all the way down to that luscious? Is there a problem? The monster thrilled from the very light, beaming into its many dark eyes, the people to We're just as overwhelmed by the brilliance and shielded themselves from it. The pale woman gazed at the creature hovering high above and stretched out her hand. What is it? Hey, Hickey. I called seeing his head bombing up from under the surface. You want to die of pneumonia? You found the right way to do it. He gave me a grin, showing a big gap in his front teeth that had been left by two cops. What are you saying? Stevie? He answered. His s is getting lost in the gap. It's a perfect day for a swim. Come on out, I answered. I got a business proposition for you.