Rick Wimberly Narration - instructional. Friendly, but authoritative.

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Sample shows narration for instruction and motivation. Caring, comfortable, wise-sounding that endears & engages listeners. Credible, controlled with emotional intelligence.

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Senior (55+)


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I'm gonna challenge you to do something you probably aren't used to doing. As soon as you feel resistance or disturbance, I want you to let it go. Don't mess with it, explore it or think about it. Simply let it go by shifting The language we use around work. We can begin viewing our jobs is meaningful. Impactful and worth our finite time. The next time somebody asks you what you do, tell them what you're creating. Step four after you figure out what information you need and from whom create a checklist for your information objectives. Otherwise you'll miss something and won't realize it until it's too late. You can't create your business continuity plan and a silo. But getting the right people involved. Well, let's just say that can be a challenge.