Greg Beastrom - Animation, Tough, Evil, Gritty, Goofy, Heroic, Humor

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Greg is a treasure trove of varying voices, characters and accents from zany/goofy cartoons to villains and heroes. His demo shows a range of styles.

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Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US New York, New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn) North American (US South) Spanish (General)


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I thought I'd bring along some, uh, reinforcements to make sure my fireworks finale goes off is playing. I cannot believe you're giving away all these treasures. Well, your loss is my gain. A so long as they're not haunted, you're really gonna like her. She's a PR rep for sports stars. And she's cool and funny and sexy, which is not something you tell your Children that the point is for every creature here, Theo, I knew so too is born into my me. But it turns out you can't manufacture love out of mud meddling or a giant pterodactyl legs. No, Senator, you listen to me. That homeland security contract is mine, and I'll get it whether you're on my side or not. Have you seen a little green guy? Looks a lot like little yellow guys with last time. Wayans are still for you have woken debts. Being I opened is the darling your he Stokes. It's blames fortunes A cage like killing for the shattering by to come. Well, I am a need of a lab partner because I just blew up my last one. You don't tend to explode easily, do you? I'm literally staring at this panel is in my life and a lot of other people's depends on it. Was that supposed to make reaction? Start shaking because it is a lot. You will be Rico's wife. I would give up my shell and one of my claws for you. Oh, you Rico will have many Children. Beautiful little half crab have trims Grips your shrimps. With all due respect, Commander, this plan, if you can call it a plan, is just really think this is going to get us out of here alive. Have you ever felt like the number of candles on your birthday cake goes up, but nothing else does? Then it's time to ask your doctor if a Recto fast is right for you. Discontinue. Use that things do not return back to normal within four hours. I'm the one who decides when we're done. You got yourself into this situation because you're weak and selfish. You will do what I say because you are weak and selfish. Understood. Rash hives, anal leakage, nausea and blisters aren't included but can be arranged