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This shows my storytelling ability, and my ability to narrate non-fiction text and biographies.

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The platypus is a special animal for many reasons. The sides the fact that it has a funny name. It's only one of two mammal species that lay eggs and seems to resemble a hodgepodge of other animals with a duck bill on a fever like tail. The platypus may appear harmless, even comical, but a male product goes is actually poisonous. Emma Watson is mainly known for her role as her mind Granger in the Harry Potter series, but her role as a philanthropist is equally a significant. Her humanitarian efforts have led her to work with companies like UNICEF, Camp Bed and U. N Woman. She's even launched her own feminist Yuen campaign, called He for She on the Feminist Book Club called Our Shared Shelf. Ever gaze up at the sky and wonder about the solar system. We call it the solar system, because solar means relating to the sun and everything in our system revolves around the sun. The sun is actually just a star that's closest to our earth. But don't gaze directly at it like you would in the stars. Learning to read music is a little like learning a new language. You memorize know instead of letters and words, you combined notes into songs as you would words into sentences, and you use rhythm hit on tone to convey meaning. In this video, we'll cover the basics of reading music. Let's get started.