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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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God, I thought they'd never leave our friends spill into the street, leaving the faintest echo of their laughter and conversation behind. I can tell. David's into kimba. I wish him luck, but I'm too preoccupied with the second chance. I'd never thought I'd get Can it be called a second chance when there was never a chance before. I'm still on some level processing that the girl I was so drawn to four years ago. Is this even more beautiful than before, woman here in Amsterdam in my favorite brown bar, watching me with the same kind of stunned excitement buzzing through my body. Your friends are nice, Lennox? S popping a triangle of Gouda into her mouth. They're not. I laugh, but they were on their best behavior tonight. They can fake it when pretty girls are involved the night definitely took a turn when you guys came around. She smiles, pushing a chunk of straight black hair behind her ear. It's spring break and they're looking for hookups. So your friends might get lucky. Well, not with fifth, I hope not with you. I was kind of hoping I'd have you all to myself. She doesn't laugh or smile even She looks up from the cheese board and levels an intense stare at me. Is that what you want? She asks her voice more casual than her eyes hook up if she's asking if I want to have sex with her then of course, if she's asking if that's all it would be. Who knows? Nothing ever felt typical where this girl was concerned, not the way we met, not the things I learned about her, not the way her image, her voice, that throaty laugh would revisit me in the middle of a lecture. Or even when I was kissing someone else. I want to get to know you. I tell her answering and not answering as honestly as I can tell me what's been happening with you the last few years. Yes, Well, let's see. I was as predicted, grounded until graduation. We share a quick glance and a chuckle. I'm not surprised, I say.