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Few things in nature are more impressive than a moose's antlers. But what makes them even more impressive? Moose start growing antlers in the spring and continue until the fall when the velvet that covers the antlers dries and falls off.

The key to being a better communicator is to be a better listener. It's only when we truly understand the people around us that we can share ideas, perspectives, and emotions more effectively. So how do you become a better listener? Start by allowing the other person to fully express themselves, without interrupting.

Rosa Parks showed a lot of courage on December 1st, 1955 when she refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus. But it was during the years after that she showed her true strength. Despite constant threats against her life, Parks became an unwavering voice for civil rights.

Beautiful and mysterious, the Northern Lights are one of Earth's most magical phenomena. But the lights aren't actually created here on earth. They're caused by solar wind from the sun traveling across the solar system and scraping against Earth's magnetic field.