Christmas Holiday Game Commercial

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TV Spot for a Christmas board game

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towards the month before Christmas, and all the guests in the house were all busy or stressed or completely tuned out. And sadly, with family and friends gathered near, no one said much towards as if they weren't here. Then one clever guest revealed a little green box. I brought games, they said. Not just one, but a lot. There were 13 inside, and each was unique. How about this one? They said as they all took a peek. Soon everyone gathered, engaging their brains. They giggled and shouted, and they tried all the games. There was trick taking bluffing, and each played a part as they passed around cards of quaint animal art as they shouted Bar humbug! And race for the tokens. The table was married. The silence was broken with all other table. No one was alone, and in no time their house. It felt more like a home. So this year, whether you have one guest or 12, why not keep a humbug nearby on a shelf and sit at the table? No matter the weather for a Christmas of memories as a Christmas that's better