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Voice Over • Animation


Friendly/Excited, Hero/Protagonist, Corky/Kid's Show, Storyteller/Wizard, Tense/Struggle, Tough/Gundam, Villan Antagonist/ Elder Protagonist

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Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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**** Yeah, they're open on a recent day. Like. This is a good day for Mandy's famous noodle soup. How's it going, man? Hey, where are you? Here you go, wow! Thanks. You know me too well, this one's on the house I there is a magical world called Pandora. Within this world there's a city filled with darkness and despair and creatures alike. Here holds an energy source of unimaginable power. This city is known as no other then Atlantis. This might be my last ride. I'm sorry Sheila. Our last ride looks like it's our time to shine. All right. Sheila, activate protocol. X 23 alert level. Read Harry. My name is mr Farmer. Jack Farmer. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. A farmer with the last name. Farmer. I know destiny. You've got to shut it down and Laura. It's the only way we've got to hurry up. Captain closing in. I know how much your father means to you, Laura, do the right thing. You have to do it now, Laura, we don't have enough time. There's no more time, Captain. We have to leave. He isn't your only family lift. We're your family. You do not see an old man. It is you who does not see the folly path that lies before you. Interesting. Tell me how exactly that is about as otherwise. If you created all this pain, all this death or caused by your weakness. I might not have the power to stop all this carnage, but I have enough power to stop you Reservoir. Oh, really? Since you lack power, I will show you what power really is. Feast your eyes on real power. Mm hmm, mm hmm, mm hmm.