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I was being interviewed by PGA Tour radio on how I go about producing my betting guide on my website

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back to show. I always thought, and I particularly have recently. It's so hard to figure out who a favourite might be a particular golf tournament or even five favourites. You got 156 players. That's 156 teams. 10 of them were going to play the best golf for their life that you never heard of. And one of them might win and beat the guys who you think you're supposed tto be that the guys in contention. So sometimes the pretenders of the contenders and I've always thought it's impossible and a fool's deal to try to figure out the next winter. But we've got somebody is really good at this and a lot of other things as it comes to the great game. His name is James Mason, not the actor director of Planet Golf Review, contributing writer for Golf Monthly, and he's a member of the a position dot com where, you know, it's a group of about 50 journalists who are pooled together to bring you some of the best writing in the game. The a position dot com Morning James. I pay high today. Tell me about how you are able to pull in the right factors to make an interesting enough for your readers and your followers to think that you've got a good sense about how guys might perform. Um, I think I mean basically people Khun G. O. On the site. And look how you've predicted in the last couple of tournaments. My my actual obvious, because I've got panic golf review dot com and dot co dot UK. And so you can go back and never look out ofthe predicted over the over the last couple of tournaments, people can cheque like that. I mean, I think that's the easiest way doing. I'm just sort of really passing along information on that. I sort of accumulate along the way when you're watching, when you're watching tournaments and C is coming up. I mean, it's a little bit easier, I suppose, for those outside are like who watched the European tour as well because I could see that starts with a good chance. Att. Masters. But I mean, obviously that wasn't picked up by a lot of bookies on DH two. Getting 100 to 1 was was good, but I I always knew that he could do quite well down now. So is is your system subjective? Is that object? If I mean, you have a feeling of Charles because you were looking at what he had done and thought that might be a good place for him and the same thing for Keegan. Did you actually pick them to win and and was an object of her subjective? Ah, a bit of both. I mean, Kegan it already It already one go good record. Great. I mean, I think you have to know golfers Well, I mean, he's got great things. Great all round game, Keegan Bradley. So I didn't feel that it was beyond him to win a major championship. Especially something like, I don't think that the PGA, I mean I mean awfully obviously, Jason Duffner I had a bad one bad swing on the 15, but I don't think it's as much pressure say the U. S. Open the Masters because the masters is the first. I think out of all of them, the Masters is the easier major to win. But I think the pressure is that much of the two Opens. So I always felt that, you know, someone is going to come in on their rookie year on when you win a major, you know, that could probably be the one that he could do. And he was playing well coming into the coming into the PJ. So it was actually, that wasn't one up up on on the site. That was one off my own back that I see because he was under 50 to 1 at the time when I backed him on DH. But yes, it's just watching people play for at the season now. And they've got the mentality to finish watching their finishing scores coming down the stretch. I mean, you know, you know, if they're closing with sixties, they've got a good chance of coming in the stretch, you know, shooting another 60 because they're used to doing that. So, yeah, I mean, it's a lot of things because you're doing it over the season. You're watching players going and out form. You know, another one was Tommy Gainey. I always I must admit, I felt that he would win this year, but I put him down for each way, bet quite a lot. I got a bit of money off of them coming in 2nd and 3rd places because he was being offered big money. I mean, there was sort of east toe ones. I'm just the ones that he would be enough for that. Andi, Obviously, that was the earlier part season. But even now, he still comes in a big odds because people are not sure with that swing. But I think he's got, I think, way someone like told me he's got the grit and determination to wonder when you might know the Emmys like Jim Fury. You know, he might not have the classic swing, but he's got their degree. So wanna win a tournament? And I think he will win the tournament at some point. Well, how does this week shape up as Faras? Who do you like tio win and other things at the air ways that you can at the moment? I mean, one of your bank banker bet has to be looked, Donald. I mean, he's always gonna be there or thereabouts. So you're doing it right. But I mean, obviously the book is notice that they don't offer any big money. I think that the furthest been out have been about 12 to 1 all season. Adam Scott is another one for you one, but I think I'll wait 21 to 21. Could be a good bet. He's got ovaries injuries and he's coming back into full now on the beach. Way better than that, said for this week is Jason doesn't. I think he would like to go out with a bit of a bang after the Peony finished last week? Quite well. So these are all for each one. Marries Chef for every another. Thought you want finish well last week on why Yang seems to have, Ah, I think he's got a good tournament anymore along the way and being another one, I think he might do well this week. Would you call Jason Duffner? Your dark course is that if there is such a thing, I think Chef Review on Jason Duffner would be The dark horse is to come from you come from the back, but they have seen sitting there. It's just, you know, one round out just having closing the tournament, so you know, that's the That's the thing with them. I hear you. I hear your cell phone going off something that's OK where I was going, I was gonna let you go. I I wanted to thank you for that. We've not had discussions before about actually betting and what the odds are on. This was a good start for us to get into it. And if you don't mind, I'd liketo have you back on in the next couple of weeks and get into a little bit more deeply. Yeah, sure. I mean, as so much light there so people can go in, you know, these links through. So they know they wanted to set up accounts and stuff like that just to get some information on the time that I normally put up a bit of a guy to the to the actual course that they're playing on a little bit of history, sir. So they get a feel for the tunnel and out again into Andi just a bit about each plan. Why? I feel that you know, he's got a possibility this week to win. That's James Mason, director of Planet Golf Review, Contributing writer for Golf Monthly. A member of the A position you can find out more about him. A t a position dot com or planet golf review dot com will be right back. No