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I, Captain, but before we set sail, surely we should raise the anchor. Uh huh. Smuggling. That's okay. Before, don't come with cleverness to me. My own your laugh. But it also give you a quick walk down the planet. Oh, my golly, Josh. Frances, If you would have just listened to me, we wouldn't be stuck in this mess. I mean, how are we meant to get back to the bond when you lost the math and drop the campus down the bloody drain? Excuse me, sir. Do you mind telling me what it's like over there? Hi. Well, the grass is certainly greener than your field. And, well, I don't quite know how to tell you this, but the food is much better than what you're getting cheap left. Keep left. Oh, my word. Why don't you done idiots? Just listen to what I'm saying. First period maps, uh, second English and offered history with Mr Smith. Oh, my golly, this is gonna be a long gas day. Did I just hear my name? No tie today, Freddie. Sharp untucked detention. My office. Now, if you're looking for something special well, you've come to the right place. A magician never reveals his secrets. But I will tell you this. You're in for an experience. And so it begins the story of our little prince In a world where money enriches our nothing unless it involves love and kindness. We've come to the final round, and that can only be one winner. Who will it be? Well, it's time to find out as we play naughty or lice. Darn it, I meant to say naughty or nice. Geraldine, can you sort out this auto queue? And Graham, stop shouting down my ear. Mm. Okay. Get yourself together too much. You can do this walking in now. Um, Detective Timmy burns here, uh, to to look at the body trips on the left hand side. I'm not sure the numbers yet. We're starting to put the pressure. Can you support over? Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to get behind your team. So making noise and raise the roof for the lightning fast birds or pray. Stewie, can you give me an update from Police HQ? I can only hold this bridge for so long. Ignition activated. Final checks in progress system ready for launch Alert. Engine malfunction overheating in zone c Prepare for evacuation. Crows. They just love sport. Croquet, to be precise. Pathetic. Okay, try another. What is the favourite bread of the crow? Cruz isn't.