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James will take your company's message and bring it to life! Versatile in delivery, ranging from laid-back and relaxed Vita-Coco to bright and youthful Nintendo, James has the sound your project has been searching for.

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (General) North American (General) North American (US West Coast - California, Portland)


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is it exhausting work? absolutely. but when you make the world's best coconut water, it's worth it. vita coco, coconut water, hydration comes naturally clear, is always better, like degree, ultra clear. it goes on clear leaves, no residue and provides 48 hour sweat protection. can your solid deodorant? say that degree it won't let you down even if you don't have something to celebrate. you do now, papa murphy's new extra large new york pizza, crispy ginormous and only nine bucks we make it. you bake it sometimes it's ok to stay. the all new volkswagen arton. the next generation has arrived. start the adventure at home and take it with you when you go. this is nintendo switch from classic games to new favorites. it's the best way to get in the game. people say we have to save the planet, but really we need to save life from the wild jungles to the frigid arctic. even right in our own backyards, protect life on earth.