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sports, saturday college football coverage begins at 10 a.m. On Fox from **** Wolf, Executive producer of law and order Television's # one New Drama. The phone our bombmaker used as a trigger Tuesdays on cbs, sunday's animation domination with the Simpsons. Don't forget me Bob's burgers, I'll go last. I'm fine with that. And family guy who's changed Joe like I did when I went through puberty. It all starts tonight at eight on Fox. Eyewitness news has the most experienced team of anchors, reporters and meteorologists in Chicago. Let's start out with one of the moments from the debate because no one has more experience in the field. Roads are closing for a bridge replacement day or night there when you need us. Most neighborhood behind me. More than 2000 homes were watch abc eyewitness news, the local news Chicago trust. It's become the most talked about show in America. You've been having a lot of bad dreams. Don't miss NBC's number one show on Tuesday nights. This is us. Failure is not an option for the navy seals. The world's most elite special ops forces go behind the scenes of the U. S. Seals team Wednesday night on history. Don't miss an all new coney Tonight at 11 on TBS. That's the best reading of a blind melon classic I think I've ever heard. Very funny. Thank you for that. The season premiere of the flash, he was wearing some sort of mask followed by an all new episode of Black lightning tonight. Starting at eight p.m. On the CW Fox News team seven on air online anytime anywhere because news never stops and neither does your new station and what we discovered might shock you. We keep you connected. 24 7 Fox News Team seven NEW YORK City, home to 8.7 million people where everyone searching for meaning and answers. His name is Sal Thompkins, He's dead. Evan's favorite new comedy God Friended Me. Sundays on Cbs. The CODIS are back and the ties that bind are about to be stretched to the limit when T. N. T. S. Hit drama, Animal Kingdom returns for an all new season, Tuesday nights on T N. T.