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Jas Patrick shows off his character range of a wide variety of cartoon and video game characters!
adventurous , animated , action star , villain , wizard , demon , demonic , clown , scary , tough , rugged , deep , gritty , grizzled , hero , heroic , crazy , manly , masculine , evil , proud , bold , strong , casual , straightforward , whisper , spooky , gangster , hillbilly , country , southern , Texas , urban , cowboy , soldier , drill sergeant , powerful , booming , cackling , lunatic , villainous , dangerous , confident , conversational , British , RP , luxurious , believable , authentic , comforting , silly , funny , fun , cute , approachable , creature , alien , vampire , henchman , henchmen , bully , powerful

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General) North American (General) North American (South West - Texas) North American (US New York, New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn)


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but yourself Or you want to read up on me on the Internet, huh? I just hope you had your filters on. It was a dark and spooky night. Thunder rumbled and lightning spiked across the sky. Or simply musket, especially. Oh, why? Oh, no. Well, that didn't end well. What about Barrett? Plant? The rules of combat have changed and they must be followed. It's time to react to make combat arms. Don't worry. Be hippie. Sign up for good wheels, Hippie Dash five K and Flower Child Run, man. Don't make me go back Things. Plan of yours had better walk. I've got the boys round for movie Monday. I felt it would be appropriate to give him a little roast as a way of saying congratulations. So you want to rob a bank? Congratulations. This game will teach you how come. Right. Oh, come. Hey, guys, this is fight. I can't believe that. What? The hack, You know, the screen, you sons of a moose. In the treacherous waters of the sea of the West, the life of a gentleman of fortune lies in the hands of those scurvy mates. Okay, bad man. Here. Strap in for the best dark night of your life. No point in fighting a losing battle. We have our own motivations. Dear Mr Reid, As I penned this, I'm struck with a combination of respect. Or and to be honest indignation, I was, uh oh. I don't know why people are afraid of clowns. Onward and up with my friend. Let's seek help from your fellow countrymen. You don't matter. In fact, in just a few seconds, you won't even be matter.