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genes play an essential role in determining the function of each cell in the body, making up 30 million codes of DNA. If even one of these codes is damaged, a genetic alteration may occur, causing a genetic disease. Gene therapy has the potential to significantly improve the lives of people who have genetic diseases, some of which can be debilitating and life threatening. Fizer. Rare diseases focusing on highly specialized potentially one time gene therapy treatments and clinical trials are underway to explore the potential of gene therapy. Okay, so you've probably noticed your body starting to change its normal, but it can definitely feel kind of weird. I bet you have to shower every day now, right? And what's up with Braddy? Emily from fifth grade, suddenly smiling at you and you smiling back totally messed up. It's cool in this module. We're gonna look at what you can expect as you grow from between into a team and how your life is about to change in some really cool ways. Hi, Greg. Lydia tells me you haven't been feeling well. I understand you've been having a little blood when you cough over the past 24 hours is that right? Yeah, it's, uh it's kind of scary. I understand. Chances are it's just a side effect from the chemo, all of your markers. Air good and your last scans were clear, but I'll order a new round of scans. Just to be sure, Coughing during emergence from general anesthesia is a critical issue. Inpatient care in the peri operative period as it may lead to surgical bleeding, Laurinda Spasm and cardiovascular instability. Maintenance of rema fentanyl infusion, which is conventionally used as a Naja vint in general anesthesia attenuate scoffing during emergence in dose related manner. However, further increasing the dose of rema Finton o made cause respiratory depression delayed emergence and aggravate postoperative nausea and vomiting, your health care provider will use blood tests to monitor your HIV infection. The results of these blood tests, which measure the amount of HIV virus and the number of CB four cells in your blood, will help you in your health care provider. Understand how well your HIV treatment is working to control your HIV infection. These test results will also help your health care provider decide whether he or she should make changes to your treatment