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Here are some great examples of narration roles and spots Jas Patrick has done which demonstrates his measured, confident articulation while still being comforting, believable, engaging and enjoyable storytelling!

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British (England - East Anglia, Cambridge, Hertfordshire) British (England - South East - Oxford, Sussex) British (General) British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC)


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For 200 years, Thie alliance between the Human League and the Sentinels has remained intact. The galaxy has known a kind of peace. Until the reapers came in 34 50 Har Con three was obliterated by a lightning fast orbital strike, which left the normally peaceful Garden world a shattered radioactive slag. Now a small ship searches the sector for survivors and for any clue as to who or what the reapers are and why they came. Three months ago, Raccoon tech innovations launched an entire new industry that set the world on fire. Never before had the raccoon husbandry community believed that their raccoons could shine with such luminosity. The introduction of a total raccoon polishing system was thought to be decades away. Raccoon tech innovations made that dream a reality. Today, Raccoon Tech Innovations is a company that maintains its leadership role with comprehensive solutions spanning the scope of raccoon physiology and cute little outfits from global raccoon enterprises. Toe local neighbourhood, raccoon startups, Raccoon tech innovations put systems and resource is within easy reach of your furry little paws. Raccoon tech innovations putting raccoon polishing first foremost and always nearly three decades have passed since I left my homeland a small measure of time, of the reckoning of the drone health, but a period that seems a lifetime to me, all that I desired will believe that I desired. When I walked out of men's Obara, Zen's dark cavern was a true home, a place of friendship and peace, where I might hang my scimitars above the mental of a warm half and share storeys with trusted companions. I have found all that now beside Bruno in the hallowed halls of his youth. We prosper. We have peace. I wear my weapons on Lee. On my five day journeys between Mithra Hall and Silvery Moon was I roam. I don't doubt no dough. I ever lament my decision to leave the vile world of Menzel Barros Inn. But I'm beginning to believe now in the endless, quiet and peace that my desires at that critical time were founded in the inevitable longing of inexperience. I had never known that calm existence I so badly wanted. I cannot deny that my life is better 1000 times better than anything I ever knew in the underdog. And yet I cannot remember the last time I felt the anxiety thie inspiring fear of impending battle. The tingling that Khun Come on, Lee, when an enemy is near or challenge must be met.